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Hobart Assembly is a place where people can find hope, help and healing from their past, as well as discover the bright future that God has planned for them. 

There is tremendous need throughout all of Northwest Indiana, the Chicagoland area and ultimately, our world as a whole. Our goal is to demonstrate God's love in practical ways and spread the Good News of Jesus. We are accomplishing this through a wide variety of ministries designed for all life-situations. We offer Bible studies and connection groups. Among these connection groups we have are for men, women, single moms, married couples, teenagers, seniors, children, and more! Our outreach programs include a food pantry, an urban ministry, clothing and food for the homeless, addiction recovery, and a "Rose of Sharon" ministry (an outreach for prostitutes and women caught in sex trafficking), along with a growing number of other ministries.

Most recently, we have taken a step toward helping victims of domestic violence. In July 2017, we purchased the property adjacent to our existing church lot. This property included a 3,500-sq. ft. building that has two apartments and a crisis pregnancy center. Our long-term vision is to use this property to provide counseling, job training, discipleship and safe housing for women and children coming out of abusive homes.

A growing church is a great thing! While we are extremely excited about our outreach programs and the lives that are being impacted, we have discovered that growth is accompanied by growing pains. Our ministries have expanded, but our physical space has not. After several renovations and re-purposing of our existing building, we have reached a point where there is simply no room left. To continue reaching our community, we desperately need a larger facility.

The Plan

Twelve years ago, our church was in jeopardy of closing its doors. At that time, less than 70 people attended the church. After rededicating ourselves to the commission of Jesus Christ and spending the last several years investing our time and resources into impacting people, our church has seen steady growth. Today, we have more than 400 people from various cultural background that consider Hobart Assembly their church home, hundreds more who are ministered to on a regular basis, and thousands more who benefit from our outreach program.

In March 2016, we hired a consultant and began a six-month journey to plot a course that would help meet the needs of our growing congregation. We quickly discovered that we had hit several limits including sanctuary size, available classrooms, and parking space. In addition, our present facility is not ADA compliant and we have no way of accommodating those with handicaps and special needs. Having already exceeded capacity, a simple addition to our present facility would not suffice. We concluded that moving to a larger facility was the only way we could accommodate our growing ministries and continue serving the people of Northwest Indiana.

With the help of an architect, we developed the following phased approach to constructing a new facility:


PHASE 1: New worship facility that includes the sanctuary, church commons (connecting space), bathrooms, parking, and a safe and secure Children's Ministry Center.


This first phase carries the critical elements that we need to start lifting the lids and moving forward. We have desperately needed additional worship space for quite some time now. The new sanctuary will allow us to combine our worship services and still have plenty of room to grow! Additionally, we will be getting all of our children's ministry spaces on ONE FLOOR! NO MORE going to the basement to drop off the kids. This will be a HUGE blessing for all of our families!

APPROXIMATE COST: $2.5 million


PHASE 2: A New Children's Ministry Center, Office Space, and Expanded Worship Center to 750.

In time, our plan would be build a new children's ministry center, additional classrooms and expand the worship center to seat 750 people. These new children's ministry facilities would be fully ADA compliant and will help us to continue providing the best possible ministry experience for our youngest members and their families. With this build, we would remove our old worship facility to make room for additional parking. 


PHASE 3: Youth center and/or Family Life Building

In this final phase, we will be adding a youth center that will allow us to accommodate over 150 teens for our weekly outreach ministries. In addition, we will have the additional classrooms to be used for small groups, discipleship nights, and other activities.

APPROXIMATE COST: $1.5 million

What would your investment do?

We would like to invite you to be a part of "Our Story." The plans we have set forth have a purpose to not just reach this generation, but generations to come. Your investment will definitely make an impact on the people of today, and the effects will be seen far into the future. This is an opportunity to change the direction of an individual, a family, a community, and essentially an entire region. The resources and facilities that you are helping us to fund will build a legacy for all who follow. 

Our nation and many local communities face problems of domestic violence, the continuing breakdown of the family, drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, as well as a growing epidemic of physical and sexual abuse. With your help, we will have the space and resources to provide assistance to the people who are struggling with some of these issues. Together we can make a difference in our community to help prevent some of the cycles from repeating in future generations.

You may never attend Hobart Assembly but your financial gift will have an immediate impact in the hearts and lives of thousands of people. As you invest in this building project, your contribution will be an influential part of our legacy to our community and the surrounding communities of Northwest Indiana.

If you would like to know more or would like to schedule a personal meeting with Pastor Ryan to discuss this in more detail, please call him directly at 219-942-2691.

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