We here at Hobart Assembly are committed to making the Great Commission, OUR COMMISSION. Last year, our church invested over $100,000 in local and foreign missions and this year we will do even more! We are very active in our community and we host several community events each year making Jesus famous all around us. In addition, we make it a top priority to train and activate our members into ministry. 

Hobart Assembly has many outreach-based ministries and these ministries are expanding and growing all the time. From street witnessing, nursing home ministries, feeding the poor, providing clothing to people living on the streets, pregnancy crisis centers. - there is something here for you to get involved with.

If you would like to be a part of one of our upcoming outreach events, please contact our Outreach team using the form below:


Loving God | Loving People

Reaching our communities with the love of God and the life-changing message of the Gospel is a major part of who we are. We love our city and we strive to do whatever we can to build bridges with those who are hurting most. We want to let them know that Jesus is there for them. Whether it means through random acts of kindness, serving in homeless shelters, or hosting community outreach events, Hobart Assembly is intentional about making Jesus' Great Commission, OUR MISSION.