Hobart Assembly is a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, Jesus-loving church in Hobart, IN. We are committed to loving God and living His way. We believe in connecting with people  growing together, and reaching out into our community to serve and make Jesus known to all. 


7545 E. Ridge Road

Hobart, IN 46342




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A Generational Church

One of the reasons why Hobart Assembly is a strong, growing, church is because we are a church that values people at every stage of life.Under the leadership of Pastor George and Sharon Miller, our seniors, lovingly referred to as the "Son Shine Gang" are blessed and greatly encouraged.

The Son Shine Gang

There is no exact age when a person becomes a "senior." Some say 55 or 60 and others, 62. We say, "if you visit our group and are blessed by our experience, you are welcome!" We plan all of our activities with five very important directives in mind. Here'es what we're about:

1. Fellowship - there are many ways to have fellowship, but our main purpose for fellowship is found in 1 John 1:7.

2. Encouragement - all of us need to be encouraged. Senior face many challenges as age creeps up on us (see Hebrews 10:25.)

3. Friendship - We are all about building relationships (see Proverbs 17:17).

4. Compassion - we want to be people of compassion.

5. Outreach - we believe our best days of making a difference are still ahead! Senior Adult Ministry offers opportunities to touch lives and make an impact for Christ.

"We love our church!" - Pastor George and Sharon Miller

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