Ryan McDowell - Senior Pastor

Pastor Ryan has been the Lead Pastor at Hobart Assembly since October of 2006. He and his wife Rebecca have worked side by side in the ministry since graduating from Northpoint Bible College in 1996. They are the proud parents of three beautiful children ranging from ages ten to early twenties.

Pastor Ryan is a gifted communicator and has a real heart to help people grow in their faith and in their understanding of the Bible. He has a way to make even difficult truths in the Word of God to be easily understood.


"God hasn't called Hobart Assembly to be just another church on the side of the road. We have been given a heavenly assignment to see our communities transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit." - Pastor Ryan

Rebecca McDowell - Worship Pastor

Pastor Rebecca joined the Hobart Assembly leadership team in 2006 as Pastor of Worship Ministries. Rebecca is a gifted and anointed musician and worship leader and has recorded several original songs.


"God's plans for your life are better than you can imagine." - Rebecca McDowell

Michelle Leal - Administrator 

Michelle came to Hobart Assembly in 2016. She was looking for a church that would allow her to faithfully serve God with the talents and gifts God had given her. As the Church's Administrator she oversees the day-to-day operations of the church. Answering the phones, following up with new visitors, organizing any event that happens at the church are just a few of the things she oversees. She loves to know how she can help meet the needs of the people in every way possible. Michelle obtains the beautiful gift of great hospitality and compassion towards others.


"Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody." - Michelle

Andrew & Meghan Moreno - Director of HA! Kids Ministry

Andrew & Meghan got married at Hobart Assembly in June of 2020. They are an exceptional couple that love the Lord and love His people. 


"There is no better place than the throne room of grace."- Andrew 

Eric Sluder - Director of Youth Ministry

Eric began attending Hobart Assembly in November 2014. Eric is our Director of Youth Ministries and is taking classes through Global University to become a licensed minister.


"Jesus cares about you more than you could ever know." - Eric

Pastor George & Sharon Miller - Congregational Care

Pastor George and Sharon have been a part of the family of faith at Hobart Assembly for many years. However, it wasn't until 2006 that Pastor George officially joined the Pastoral team. Though retired, both himself and his wife Sharon continue to make an eternal impact in our region. In addition to directing Hobart Assembly's hospital care teams, Pastor George and Sharon lead our Seniors ministry.


"We love our church!" - Pastor George and Sharon Miller

Brandon & Brigette Galambos - Outreach Pastors

Brandon & Brigette are Bible school graduates from the River University in Tampa, FL. This young couple possess a wonderful passion for souls and a strong desire to help and see the local church grow.  "We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and are contending to see another Great Spiritual Awakening sweep through in not just our city, but this great nation of America." It's what they stand for and will continue to stand for; reaching the lost at any cost to see the Kingdom of God advanced.


Love God, Love people. - Brandon Galambos

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