The Worship Ministry at Hobart Assembly

Would you like to audition for one of our worship teams?

We're so thankful for all that God is doing in and through our worship ministry here at Hobart Assembly, and are excited to present the opportunity to partner with you to serve Jesus through the medium of music.

Along with musicianship, we are looking for a stage presence that invites the congregation to worship.

Because worship leading fulfills an important role in the body, it is necessary that all of our team members fulfill these basic requirements before auditioning:

  • Must be water baptized and know Jesus as your Lord and Savior

  • Must attend Hobart Assembly for a minimum of six month prior to serving

  • Must already be or be willing to become a member of Hobart Assembly

Please use the form below if you are interested in setting up an audition to become a member of our worship ministry team.

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